Press Policy

Anticipation will cooperate with members of the press (regardless of the medium the reporter represents) who are covering the convention before, during, and after the event. This cooperation may extend to issuing complimentary admissions to selected persons and to issuing press credentials to selected members of the convention. Such cooperation is intended to enhance the image of this convention specifically and of Worldcons, science fiction conventions, and the genre of SF and fantasy in general.

Distinction between Press Passes and Press Credentials

A Press Pass is a complimentary admission to the convention that includes the right to attend the convention (possibly for a limited time) with an endorsement to the person’s badge indicating that the person is a member of the press covering the convention. A Press Pass does not include any WSFS membership rights. Anyone who qualifies for a Press Pass automatically gets Press Credentials.

Press Credentials are a badge endorsement which indicates that the person is a member of the press covering the convention. It is possible to have Press Credentials without a Press Pass. We expect that some Attending members will qualify for Press Credentials.

Anticipation reserves the right to deny Press Passes and Press Credentials to individuals or media organizations as it sees fit.

Distinction between Working Press and SF/F Industry Press and Fandom

Working Press includes those people employed by recognized media outlets such as television and radio stations, newspapers, and other forms of news coverage, who are on assignment from those outlets and who would not otherwise be attending the convention if their jobs did not require it. Working Press may include reporters and editors for non-fannish news web sites, but they do not include technical staff or others who are not journalists. Working Press are entitled to appropriate complimentary press passes and credentials.

SF/F Industry Press and fannish news sources such as fanzines and web sites are not Working Press for the purposes of this policy and are expected to purchase a membership; they may also qualify for press credentials.

Anticipation believes that issuing press passes to people who are attending in their personal capacity is unacceptable. Worldcon belongs to all of fandom and all members of our community — fans, pros, staff, and program participants (save only our guests of honour) — pay for their memberships. Someone who is a member of the convention staff or who has accepted an invitation to be a program participant is presumed to be attending the convention primarily in their personal capacity, not as a member of the Working Press.

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