CanSMOF Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of up to two scholarships of 500 CAD each for convention runners to be used towards the cost of attending SMOFCon 28, to be held in San Jose, CA, December 3–5, 2010.

The first Scholarship is open to a Canadian citizen or resident involved in running conventions with a preference for those who have not previously attended a SMOFCon.

The second scholarship is open to anyone involved in running conventions, regardless of their place of residence or citizenship.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate that their attendance at SMOFCon will benefit their local fandom and Canadian fandom. The selection committee for 2010 will be Diane Lacey, Kevin Standlee, and René Walling.

SMOFCon is an annual convention with a focus on the running and organization of science fiction conventions. The location of the convention changes each year, the first one took place in 1984. The location of each SMOFCon is determined by the membership of the previous year’s convention.

Deadline for applications is October 15, 2010. An application form is available here

The winner(s) will be expected to write a report on their experience.

For more information please email

Update: The winners of the scholarship have been announced.

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