Friday Night Dance

Attention fandom! ConCept’s infamous DJ, RadioFreeZetox, will be taking control of the dance floor at the Post-Auroras dance on the Friday Night of Anticipation!

For those of you not familiar with RadioFreeZetox, that’s the DJ alter-ego of Andrew Gurudata, a dual-citizen of the Montreal and Toronto science fiction fandom communities since 1991. RadioFreeZetox made his first “pinch-hit” appearance at Montreal’s ConCept convention in 2006, and has since become the event’s regular DJ. He is also now the recurring DJ for Toronto’s Ad Astra convention, and has also DJed for various events for the fandom community, including birthdays, wedding receptions, Christmas parties, and fundraising dances. He has also appeared on TV as the Guest DJ in an episode of CITY-TV’s Ed& Red’s Night Party!

RadioFreeZetox focuses on a blend of music that he refers to as “MusicForTheMasses”, which is a blend of “retro-80s” and “modern rock alternative”, with dabblings into other genres at the fringes of these styles. RadioFreeZetox does NOT play much Disco or HipHop or Techno. However, you never know what surprises may pop in when the songs start playing…

And he loves getting requests in advance! Just head over to his website at and use the “Online Request Form” to submit your choices today! And while you’re there, be sure to vote in the Midnight Song Poll – he is giving YOU the chance to decide what song is truly worthy of the important Midnight time slot!

So don’t turn into a pumpkin, come dancing instead! See you there!

Friday, August 7, at 9pm in room 517D at the Palais des Congres

Saturday Night Dance

Saturday night’s dance will be hosted by John Zmrotchek, also known as DJ Johnny Zed.

Johnny is a Montreal-local DJ with an over 20 year history of involvement in DJing fannish events, dating back to his early days as a member of the fannish DJ troupe “Birds of Prey”, later with “The Keith and Gary Show”, and, of course, under his own flag as DJ Johnny Zed. Most notably, he’s been the “house DJ” for the last 5 years running of Arisia, where he has DJ’d for The Sith Debutante Ball, The Cosplay Prom, and various belly dancing demos and workshops.

He has provided music for a number of events run by other groups, including The 501st (New England), The Deadwood Society, and the New England Fan Experience.

You can contact Johnny at to send requests in advance.

Saturday, August 8, at 10:30pm in room 517D at the Palais des Congres

Sunday Night Dance

Following the Hugo Awards, dance the night away with DJ Steven R. Boyett! Steven sold his first novel at 21 and went on to publish novels, short stories, feature screenplays, and comic books. He is also a well-known DJ who created the groundbreaking and award-winning Podrunner, one of the world’s most popular podcasts. Steve has been a martial-arts instructor, paper marbler, ad copywriter, proofreader, writing teacher, editor, chapbook publisher, composer, and didgeridoo player.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two frighteningly intelligent parrots. His novel ARIEL will be reprinted in September, and a sequel, ELEGY BEACH, will be published in November.

Sunday, August 9, at 10:30pm in room 517D at the Palais des Congres

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