World Science Fiction Society

The members of the current upcoming Worldcon comprise the membership of the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary society.  The Worldcons administer the Hugo Awards, select future Worldcon sites, and host Business Meetings for the WSFS.  Several standing and ad-hoc committees of the WSFS also operate, chief among them, the Mark Protection Committee, which serves as the between-Worldcon WSFS presence.  More information may be found on their web site

The current constitution and standing rules that will be in effect at the 2009 Business Meeting are available for download.

For the Anticipation WSFS Business meeting, we also have a guide and an agenda.

The WSFS also has a ‘Pass Along Funds’ program, in which each Worldcon receives funds from the previous three Worldcons, and ‘passes along’ any profits to the next three Worldcons, smoothing out the year to year financial variations.  Anticipation is participating in the Pass Along Funds program.  For further information, see an article by Mark Olson.

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