Anticipation Participants

Anticipation Participants

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Anticipation program. Please fill out the form below which will be forwarded to our Programming Coordinator. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Participant Form

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  Costuming and Craft
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  Quizzes, panel games et cetera
  Creative Writing workshops
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    b. Are you willing to take part in a panel in French if provided with an interpreter?  Yes:
 Would you be willing to moderate panels?  Yes:
 In what areas or subjects do you have special knowledge?
 What interests you so much you really, really want to talk about it?
 What do you really like to read?
 What do you really like to watch?
 What do you really like to listen to?
 Are there any subjects you really do not want to talk about?
 Is there anyone you do not wish to be programmed with?
  (This will be kept completely confidential.):
 Do you have skills or knowledge you would like to demonstrate or give a presentation on?  (Anything from wool spinning to sword making; if we can accommodate it, we are interested.)
 Is there any special help or consideration that we will need to provide?
 Do you have any recent works (publication, performance, art, et cetera) that you would like to mention?
 Please include a short biography (100 words or less) which we can use for the programme book.
*  What is the maximum number of items you wish to be considered for?
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  Other:  Explain:
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  NOTE: No one will be scheduled in back-to-back sessions between 12pm and 2pm.
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Friday Late Night:  8–10pm:  10pm-12am:  12am-2am:
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Saturday Evening:  After 5pm:  After 6pm:  After 7pm:
Saturday Late Night:  8–10pm:  10pm-12am:  12am-2am:
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