Dealers FAQ

Dealers FAQ

Anticipation Dealers FAQ

Last Updated: Aug 4th, 2009 (please check back frequently for updates)

Dealer Liaisons Cellphone
My cellphone number in Montreal is (514) 349–9134. You can also send short text messages (SMS) to


When is Anticipation?
Thursday, August 6th to Monday, August 10th, 2009
How many people are you expecting?
4,000 people.
Who are you expecting?
You can find a partial list of writers and other guests at AlsoAttending and
What will be the hours of the Dealers Room?
Thursday: 11h00–19h00
Friday: 10h00–18h00
Saturday: 10h00–18h00
Sunday: 10h00–18h00
Monday: 10h00–16h00

These hours may change slightlyThe Dealers Room opens at 9h30 for dealers only.
Once the Dealers Room closes at night, dealers will not be allowed to re-enter the Dealers Room, unless they are accompanied by a member of the Dealer Liaison staff (and only in the case of an emergency).

When will setup begin and teardown end?
Move-in is 10h – 23h on Wednesday (but please try not to arrive after 20h, 8pm) and Thursday morning 9h – 10h30.All boxes and equipment must be out of the aisles a half-hour (10h30) before the Dealers Room opens (the convention begins Thursday afternoon).
Move-out begins as soon as the Dealers Room closes on Monday (16h, 4pm). We have been asked to be out of the building by 23h (11pm) on Monday (the convention closes on Monday around 16h, 4pm).
How do I contact the Dealer Liaison at the Palais?
I will be getting a cell phone with a Montreal phone number Tuesday August 4th. Please check your email or this web page for the phone number.

Palais (Exhibit Hall)

Does the Palais allow non-union workers to carry boxes in and out of the Dealers Room?
Yes, and to help you with that, there will be a limited number of hand trucks (dollies) and two pallet-jacks on a first come/first use basis.
What are the loading docks like?
There are twelve truck height loading docks, and a ramp.
The loading docks are on the same floor as the exhibit hall so you don’t have to use an elevator.
You can see a diagram of the loading docks and the exhibit hall (210) at
How do I get to the loading docks?
Their address is
163 Saint-Antoine Street West
Montréal, PQ, H2Z 1H2

I made a map using Google Maps to show where loading dock and Dealers Room is located
Can I ship my merchandise to the Palais?
Yes, but they must not arrive before August 3rd.
Anticipation and the Palais are not responsible for damage, loss, or theft that might occur.
The Palais will charge a delivery fee.

All boxes should be addressed to:
Palais des Congrès de Montréal
Receiving Dock
163 Saint-Antoine Street West
Montréal, PQ, H2Z 1H2

And have written on them: your business name, name of the Event (Anticipation), Date (August 5), and Room (210e)

You are responsible for arranging the return of your merchandise at the end of the convention.Before shipping anything from outside Canada, please talk to a Customs Broker (see below).

How large are the tables?
8′x30″ (244 cm x 76 cm)
Is electricity, Internet, telephone… available at the tables?
Yes, but you’ll need to purchase it from the Palais.
Electricity starts at $111 CAD, wired Internet starts at $395, WiFi in 210 is free. Prices go up July 24th. Other services are also available.
Please contact us for more information.
Can I rent furniture, carpets, …?
You’ll need to make arrangements with the decorator.
Please contact us for more information.
Will there be a place to store my empty shipping boxes?
Yes, please ask at Dealer check-in for the location. There may charge a handling fee.
What about displays, book shelves and other items?
All displays must be less than 8′ (244 cm) tall and must be stable and free standing.
Can I sell food/drink?
The Palais has the exclusive right to sell food and drink in the exhibit halls.
Can I bring in food/drink for personal consumption?
[please keep it discreet]
What food options are available in the Palais?
The ground floor has many restaurants, including pasta, sushi, coffee, noodles, donuts, ….
There will be food on the 7th floor, and there may be a food kiosk (hot dogs, burgers, …) in the exhibit hall.
What else will be in the exhibit hall?
In the same hall as the Dealers Room will be the Art Show, book signings, and some exhibits including Taral Wayne’s apartment and the Canadian Space Agency.
Is smoking permitted in the building?
There’s no smoking allowed in any public building.
Where can I find more info about the Palais
The website for Le Palais des Congrès de Montréal is
(Français –
Is there parking at the Palais?l?
There’s a 1,200 space parking garage (2m / 6′ 7″ clearance) underneath the Palais at 251 rue Saint-Antoine Oeust (West). Because of the one-way streets, you’ll have to drive around the Palais to get to it from the loading docks. Parking is $15 for 12 hours (as of June 1, 2009). There are other parking options (including parking lots) in the area.


Do I need insurance?
Yes, all dealers must be self-insured, including losses and liability.
What is Anticipation’s Weapons Policy?
“No weapon, whether edged or projectile firing (or facsimiles thereof or anything resembling a weapon) shall be carried within the boundaries of the convention. Any weapon sold in the Dealers Room must be wrapped for transport to the purchaser’s room. Penalty for failure to do so will result in the dealer being asked to remove all weapons from their table. Operations/Rovers will have the final say on what constitutes a weapon. Anyone found carrying a weapon will be asked to return it to their room. Failure to do so will result in penalties that could be up to and including revocation of membership.”
What types of weapons are banned from sale in the Dealers Room?
Canadian law saws Butterfly knives, switchblades, shuriken, nunchaku, mace, crossbows, push daggers, spiked wrist bands, morning stars, brass knuckles, concealed blades, …, but Quebec law may be stricter.
What else is banned from my tables?
Food, live flames, anything that is noisy or emits a strong odor, anything that violates copyright laws, and anything that is extremely distracting or might cause a large crowd to gather at your table.
What can I sell?
Anything legal, that isn’t banned by the previous paragraphs and is related to science fiction, fantasy, gaming, or anything else of other “fannish” nature.
What other rules must I observe?
You’ll be expected to observe all Federal, Provincial, and Local laws. Especially those laws governing taxes, copyright, and weapons.
How do I get my goods into Canada?
Please contact a Customs Broker for advice and assistance. If you’d like, you can contact the Customs Broker that Anticipation is using.

Denise J. Turner, President
Turner Customs & Logistics Group Inc.
9 rue Ste Marie
St. Constant Quebec
J5A 1C3
450.638.2662 phone
450.638.2873 fax

You can also find some information at the Customs Broker page.

Am I required to have signs in French and English?
You’re not required to have signs in both languages, but it might be useful (and polite) to have a few signs in both languages.
Will my workers and I be required to have memberships to enter the Dealers Room?
If I have Fred working for me on Friday, and then Sam working for me on Saturday. Can they use the same badge?
Yes, but you should have the name on the badge be something like “Minion of Joe’s Toy Store”

If you have any other questions, please contact us at

What’s New

Aug 12, 2009

The convention is over; thank you for joining us!

Thank you for joining us! Please post links to your convention reports or photos to the Anticipation Livejournal, or let us know on Twitter. And we hope to see a lot of you at Aussiecon 4

Aug 9, 2009

Hugo Winners Announced

The 2009 Hugo winners have been announced.

Aug 7, 2009

Anticipation to offer “Taster” memberships

Heard about World Science Fiction Conventions (Worldcons) and think they sound cool but not sure they’re worth the money? Then Taster memberships are for you.

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