Customs Broker

Customs Broker

Brokerage Services


Turner Customs & Logistics Group Inc. will provide the following service to each dealer who chooses to avail themselves of this valuable service.

1 – Contact exhibitors via email to determine their customs and shipping needs and assist with paperwork as required.  Follow up by telephone as required.

2 – Pre-show service:

  • Receive and review all incoming documentation to ensure documents are accurate and complete
  • Process temporary import bonds and consumption entries with Canada Customs
  • Receive truck shipments and divert to advance Customs-bonded warehouse
  • Transfer airfreight (via local cartage service) to advance warehouse
  • Process documents on an on-going basis
  • Trace Freight
  • Maintain on-hand manifest, which will be provided to Show Management on a weekly basis of 3 weeks prior to event, and everyday 3 days prior to event.

3 – ON-SITE A- Move-in:

  • Trace last-minute freight
  • Deliver all shipments to the loading dock where official drayage company (assigned by show management) will deliver goods to assigned booths.
  • Receive scheduled shipments from Van lines at loading dock
  • Receive private vehicles at loading dock

4 – B- Showtime:

  • Process all remaining inbound documents.
  • Interview exhibitors to reconfirm instructions for return or disposal of exhibit material at end of the event.
  • Process all export documentation and schedule carriers for pick-up

5 – C- Move-out:

  • Identify outbound freight, confirming piece-count, labeling and destination, working with Official Drayage Company.
  • Ensure trucks are checking into marshalling yard or waiting at loading dock.
  • Verify that drivers are in possession of all appropriate documents and instructions prior to departure from site


FAQ shipping Goods to/from Canada
The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions posed by U.S. based exhibitors about participating in a convention or trade show held in Canada, attended by predominantly non-Canadians.

How do I arrange to get my goods and materials into Canada and home again?

  • TCLG provides full logistics services that include performing customs clearance procedures, posting of required deposits and the coordination of the delivery of your goods to/from Canada.

What forms are required for Canada customs?

  • You will be required to complete a Canada Customs invoice detailing the goods that are being shipped to Canada.  Other forms may be required depending on the nature of the exhibit material and the requirements of US Customs for the return shipment.

When should I send my goods?

  • Freight should be in your city 48hrs in advance of your move in.

Where should I send my goods?

  • Depending on the size of the event and the number of US shipments your freight will either go directly to the show site or will go to TCLG’s advanced warehouse.

Do I require the services of a customs broker?

  • Yes, all goods and materials coming into Canada must be cleared through Canada Customs.

Can I use my courier company?

  • Some courier companies can provide brokerage services, however it is critical that you ensure your courier services can clear the full value of your goods.  If they are not able to clear your shipment it will be held by Canada Customs until a broker is appointed.  This could cause a delay in you receiving your goods at the show site, as the goods will be held at the point of entry into Canada.  You will then be charged by the brokerage firm to deliver your goods to the show site.  Additionally, your courier company may not be able to issue Temporary Import Bond and therefore have to charge you duty and taxes on the value of your goods even through your goods will be returning to the United States.  Please contact our office to ensure that the courier you choose can provide you with the services that you require.

How much will this cost?

  • Brokerage fees are based on:
    • Value
    • Documents required
    • Services Provided

What duties and taxes are applied to my goods?

  • Goods can be sold at a show on a duty and tax free basis provided
    • Goods are not sold to Canadian residents
    • Are not remaining in Canada

If foreign attendance is 75% non-Canadian residents, then give-away goods valued under $25.00 CND per item are duty and tax exempt.

Denise J. Turner
Turner Customs & Logistics Group Inc.
9 rue Ste Marie
St. Constant Quebec
J5A 1C3
450–638–2662 phone
450–638–2873 fax

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