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I am putting this here until I get the final OK to go “public” with it.

That’s fine by me, but you realize there’s really nothing stopping you from creating your own private group called Rene or something? If you plan to have many drafts hanging around, it would be a good idea. By default any new groups you create will only be viewable internally.

Stirling Westrup

So…how do you create a group? Guess I’ll ask for a demo when we see each other at the meeting…Rene

You can also purchase a membership through our lay-away plan. Pay the supporting price, then pay an amount on a monthly basis so that you’ve paid the Attending price before June 30th, 2009. The benefit is that when you pay the supporting price you lock in the total you’ll have to pay before the deadline. So even though the Attending price will go up over time, your lay-away total will not.

Elisabeth Vonarburg

Born to life in 1947 (France), and to science-fiction in 1964. Teaches French Literature and Creative Writing on and off at various universities in Quebec (since immigration, in 1973). “Fulltime writer” since 1990, (despite PhD. in Creative Writing, 1987), i.e. translator, SF convention organizer, literary editor (Solaris magazine), essayist. Still managed to publish five short stories collections in French, one in English (Slow Engines of Time, Tesseract Bks, 2001). Five novels translated in English, (The Silent City, In the Mothers’ Land aka The Maerlande Chronicles —1993 Philip K. Dick’ s Special Award and a finalist of the 1993 Tiptree Award —, Reluctant Voyagers, Dreams of the Sea (Tyranaël I, 2003), A Game of Perfection (Tyranaël 2, 2005) ; fifteen published in French. The more recent, Reine de Mémoire (2005–2007, five books), received four major awards in Quebec.; Numerous short stories published in French and English. Also writes for children and YA. More than thirty awards in France, Canada, Quebec and the States, among which the Grand prix de la SF française ((1982), le Grand Prix de la SF et du fantastique québécois (three times), le Philip K. Dick Special Award (In the Mothers’ Land, 1993), le Prix du Conseil québécois de la Femme en littérature, (1998, a one-time literary award given by the Québécois Council for Women’s Affairs on its twentieth anniversary), and seven Aurora awards (last one for Reine de Mémoire 5, 2007).

David G. Hartwell

David G. Hartwell is the author of Age of Wonders and the editor of anthologies including The Dark Descent, The World Treasury of Science Fiction, and two anthologies of the best of Canadian SF, Northern Stars and Northern Suns, co-edited with Glenn Grant, and nearly twenty others co-edited with Kathryn Cramer. He has received the Eaton and World Fantasy Awards, and in 2006 received his first Hugo Award (after 33 nominations). Hartwell is a Senior Editor at Tor/Forge Books and publisher of The New York Review of Science Fiction. Recently he co-edited Year’s Best SF 11 with Kathryn Cramer. He lives in Pleasantville and Westport, New York.

Julie E. Czerneda

Julie E. Czerneda is an award-winning, best-selling science fiction author and editor, with her first novel published in 1997, A Thousand Words for Stranger, from DAW Books. A former biologist who studied the evolution of animal behaviour, she began writing professionally in 1985. As a science author and editor, Julie has contributed to over two hundred student and teacher resources used worldwide, in all sciences, math, and career education, from elementary to college. For ten years, she also owned a specialty press, Czerneda Publishing Inc, producing science and special interest publications. She now writes fiction fulltime, with eleven biology-based novels, numerous short stories, and over fifteen anthologies in print. Her work has won several awards, including three Prix Aurora Awards, Canada’s top honour, and the Golden Duck Award of Excellence for Science and Technology Education, as well as been three times on the preliminary Nebula ballot. She was a finalist for the Philip K. Dick Award for Distinguished Science Fiction and the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Active in the community, Julie has judged writing awards (including the Philip K. Dick), conducts writers workshops, provides professional development for science teachers and librarians, consults for Science News, and is a sought-after speaker on scientific literacy. She was acknowledged for her achievements in teaching natural history with the Peel Award of Excellence in Education, and is an Alumni of Honour of the University of Waterloo. In 2009, Julie will be Guest of Honour at the New Zealand National Convention, and Master of Ceremonies for the World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal.


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