The 67th World Science Fiction Convention

Neil Gaiman – Guest of Honour
Elisabeth Vonarburg – Invitée d’honneur
Taral Wayne – Fan Guest of Honour
David Hartwell – Editor Guest of Honour
Tom Doherty – Publisher Guest of Honour
Julie Czerneda – Master of Ceremonies

August 6–10, 2009

Montréal, Québec, Canada
Palais des congrès de Montréal

A word from the chairs

Merci à tous, et bienvenue dans notre monde.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to host the 67th Worldcon in Montréal. After three years of bidding, there are many people we need to thank for this opportunity. All those who pre-supported, everyone who voted, the site selection administrator and his team, as well as the organizers of Nippon 2007. Last but not least, our volunteers, staff and bid committee, who did everything from manning tables, throwing parties, translating and proofing text, and even acting as pack mules. The contributions and support of all these people is the reason we are here today.

But it’s not over! In fact, it’s just begun. We now have to organize a convention; a convention which we hope many of you will be able to attend, and just as many, to enjoy.

This convention will be the fifth Canadian Worldcon and the first one in Montréal, which means Anticipation will also be bringing a fifth language to the Worldcon: French. With roots going back to Jules Verne, George Méliès and J.H. Rosny Sr., French SF is amongst the oldest in the world and its contributors are still creating interesting and thought provoking works today.

There are whole universes out there that we hope you will discover with us.

Robbie Bourget & René Walling


Voted in Site Selection
Standard Rate Bon Ami Pre-Supporter
Attending 95 CAD Automatic 70 CAD
90 USD 65 USD
45£ 35£
65€ 45€
10 000¥ 8 000¥
Supporting Automatic Automatic
Did Not Vote in Site Selection
Standard Rate Bon Ami Pre-Supporter
Attending 165 CAD 55 CAD 140 CAD
150 USD 50 USD 130 USD
75£ 25£ 65£
115€ 35€ 100€
18 000¥ 5 500¥ 15 500¥
Supporting 55 CAD Automatic 35 CAD
50 USD 30 USD
25£ 15£
35€ 25€
6 000¥ 3 500¥

Rates valid until December 31st, 2007. Cash, cheques in CAD or USD, Visa and Master Card are accepted. All credit card charges will be processed in Canadian dollars.

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