AnticipationSF: English – Member Services

Anticipation’s Member Services division is here to provide support for members of the convention. It sounds self-evident but that’s what we do.  We are responsible for some things that are a little different from what you may have seen at other science fiction conventions.

We provide publications before and during the con.  The Progress Reports keep you up to date on plans for the convention.  The Souvenir Book gives an in-depth look at our guests and a whole lot of other information about the Worldcon, its history and how we go about making both.  There will be a Newsletter at the convention, to keep the updates flowing on program changes and the latest word on the interesting bits that you won’t want to miss.  The Restaurant and Services Guide provides local advice on where to find food and party supplies and whatever else you might need in a new city.

The Information Desk provides more detailed and personal help in getting around the con and the surrounding area

In Hospitality we’ve found a space for you to stop in and have a bit of a rest, where you can have a quick snack, meet up with friends, or find new ones.  We are developing strategies for minimizing allergy problems.  Handicapped Access assists members who need a bit of help getting from place to place.  We also hope to have some sign interpretation (e.g. ASL, hopefully our signage will not need it) and we should have some accessible publications for the visually impaired, as well.

And we are working with other divisions to make your experience more pleasant.  For example, we are trying something new this year in the Dealers Room.  We will try to keep scented products in one area and provide extra ventilation to reduce exposure for people who have environmental sensitivities.

We’ve also got help for busy (it’s a Worldcon, you’ll be busy) parents.  We’re getting together a Childcare package that will allow you to hit some highlights without the kids.  Check back soon for more details.

We hope that you’ll want to remember the con with a t-shirt.  Who knows what sorts of interesting memorabilia Sales to Members may come up with?  Do you have an idea of something you’d love us to have: bags, ties, earrings, socks?  Let us know.

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