Dealer Update 4

The Dealers Room Move-in hours will be:

  • Wednesday: 10h – 23h (11pm) (please try not to arrive after 20h (8pm))
  • Thursday: 9h – 10h30 (Dealers Room opens to the public at 11h)

Tuesday the decorating company will be setting up tables in the Exhibit Hall, so it will not be possible to setup your table then, but if you arrive on Tuesday, and don’t want to leave your merchandise locked in your car, there will be a limited amount of space for storing your boxes overnight in the exhibit hall.

You can pick up your membership badges at Registration (in the hallway outside of 210). For Wednesday and Thursday, the hours for Registration will be 9h – 20h (8pm)
Pickup your badges early to avoid the crowds.

The address off the loading dock is:

163 Saint-Antoine Street West
Montréal, PQ
H2Z 1H2

I’ve created a map of the area showing the location of the Palais’ Loading Dock at:,-73.561084&spn=0.007248,0.01663&z=16&iwloc=00046f12a3f3a415cd4a8
Or if you prefer:

For those who are interested, Neil Gaiman’s autograph session will be Fri 16:00 – 17:30. The location will be in the Exhibit Hall, just outside of the Dealers Room. (Other authors will have autograph sessions through out the convention)

The entire Pocket Program is now available online at:

To help with Dealer Move-In and setup issues, I will be getting a cell phone with a Montreal phone number on Tuesday, August 4th. Please check your email or the FAQ for the phone number.

Please don’t forget to take a look at
(it will get updated periodically )

—Benjamin Levy
Anticipation Dealers Liaison

p.s. Past email updates can be found at:

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