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Dealer Update 3

Dealer Update 3 We negotiated a flat fee for WiFI usage in the Exhibit Hall, so that means WiFi is free for dealers. If you’d like electricity ($111, plus tax, for 15amp outlet), please let me know by Monday Morning…

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Denver Attendees from Anticipation

Denver Attendees from Anticipation The following Anticipation Committee members are listed as Denvention 3 Attending members – Robbie Bourget René Walling Peggy Rae Sapienza Louise Alain Kimm Antell Bobbi Armbruster Nancy Kathleen Bruce Ewan Chrystal Nancy L. Cobb Terry Fong…

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Dealer Update 1

Please take a look at the link below and make sure that your business name and descriptions are correct (there’s a 200 character limit on descriptions). If you haven’t yet done so, please respond to the questionnaire at:…

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AnticipationSF: English –

English > Canvention What’s New Aug 12, 2009 The convention is over; thank you for joining us! Thank you for joining us! Please post links to your convention reports or photos to the Anticipation Livejournal, or let us know on…

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Bid Visiting Montreal

Bid Visiting Montreal Visiting Montréal Note that all links in this section will open a new web browser window. Montréal is a fluently bilingual city where most services are available both in English and French. Where is Montréal? Located on…

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AnticipationSF: Main – Committee

Main > Committee Committee Chair Robbie Bourget and René Walling Chair’s Assistant: Sherri Benoun, John Zmrotchek Chair’s Advisor: Peggy Rae Sapienza Reality Check: Evelyn Walling WSFS Business Meeting Business Meeting Chair: Kevin Standlee Parliamentarian/Deputy Chair: Tim Illingworth Secretary: Linda Deneroff…

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